Today’s consciousness regards situations in a different manner than in the past. The sentiments towards others and the response to those sentiments is in such a way that perhaps it is not in the best interest of those involved. Individuals have defined what is it to be friendly based on institutionalized and internet-based criteria which is about as far away from being human as anything. How is it that our consciousness in the modernized society has become so stratified and how have emotions played a part in it?

Of course, stratification is not a guarantee all the time. It only happens when it is allowed. However, take a look at industrialized society today: it is more pragmatic yet extreme. Anger and amiability have reached such a level of polarity that they are almost in universes of their own instead of being able to exist within the realm of one’s sphere of experience. Duality thinking also plays a role in it as one is either an angry bulldozer or a nice doormat. It doesn’t have to be that way but individuals have allowed themselves to polarize their regard for such experiences. How can a balance be reached?

The Perspective Essays
covers the topic of emotion throughout. It discusses the regard some individuals have for situations and the response to those situations as well as how some emotions are more encouraged in today’s construct than others. For example, there is pressure all around to either be happy about everything or be so stern and angry that it doesn’t matter what happens as long as the emotion is perpetuated with a goal in mind. The book discusses these issues and examines ways in which emotions (ALL emotions, not just the nice ones) can help individuals understand the rationale behind their sentiments in a non-judgmental and self-caring manner.


1) In what manner are some emotions encouraged over others in today’s times?

2) How are some emotions reasoned away and why? What are the influences for this happening?

3) Are emotions a choice or are they naturally occurring from individual to individual depending on them and the situation?

4) Why is there such an effort, especially by media and institutions, to have everyone feeling the same thing about everything all the time? What are ways to alter that while affirming life and personal well-being?

Today’s video presentation discusses emotions and their impact.

Emotions from Perspective Think on Vimeo.