Today’s concept of human love varies from person to person. Some believe love is this whereas others believe love is that. Institutions teach and regulate the kind of love that is acceptable and protected in society. Let us ask the question: is any of what is presented in the modern construct an honest representation of love?

Much of human love in industrialized society is forced, coerced, or imposed upon individuals who either do not see it that way or just don’t want it. If something is imposed, it limits ability and is not an honest representation of love. Love does not impose, ever. Only limited human consciousness would do something like that. In what ways do human beings limit themselves to impose upon others in such a manner?

Industrialized human constructs tend to commercialize everything. Unfortunately, such constructs tend to trivialize essential emotions and experiences that would be more significant were it not for the commercialization of them. Love is one of those experiences. The thing is, love is assumed to only exist within human constructs. Human arrogance assumes that only it is privileged enough to experience love. Where does such an idea come from and how does it get propagated?

Some people choose aggression over love thinking that a commonly accepted understanding of love is too “pansy” for them. This is a dualistic (black and white) and limiting way of dealing with the situation because it assumes that there is an opposite to a variable. However, there is something to consider with this action: Previous presentations of love have affected the way individuals respond to it. Also, there are circumstances that surrounded an individual to accept being aggressive in the first place. Such an examination helps individuals understand the situation and those affected in a life-affirming and helpful manner.


1) How do most individuals in industrialized society (including yourself) understand love to be?

2) What is taught through institutionalization about love? What effects has that instruction had on the society?

3) What are some beneficial and life-affirming ways to understand and practice love with integrity?

4) What are ways to expand the understanding of love beyond institutionalization and human perception?

The presentation below discusses further the topic of love.

Love from Perspective Think on Vimeo.