In this age of practicality, how often does one allow themselves to be reasoned out fulfilling a goal or desire, let alone wishing for it? If a person desires to improve themselves in a life-affirming and benevolent manner, how quick are individuals to tear them down in an effort to keep everyone in the same state of want and depression? Quite frankly, this has happened much to often in this pop-psychology-spewing society that doesn’t see fit to embrace their own humanity but instead feed consumer-centered and institutionally influenced regards.

The Perspective Essays addresses this issue of discouraging individuals from going for their dreams. How many individuals work towards having something special in their lives only for others to explain it away for some reason or another? The manner in which individuals conduct themselves, especially in large metropolitan areas, is usually quite cold and consumer-centered. The view of one’s humanity shifts from it being a part of the experience to an inconvenience best left to pop-psychology to figure out and demonize along the way.

One of the issues is the lack of self-encouragement in modern instruction today. It is always about conditioning individuals to be dependent on what others think and of the system to provide that for them. Self-encouragement is done consciously out of a sense of care for oneself. It is not done arrogantly and out of spite but done in the interest of self-acknowledgement and benevolence. A chapter in the book deals with this phenomenon and discusses how to personally address the issue so that the seeds of benevolent self-care can be enacted and one can fulfill their own dreams and wishes without anyone else bringing them down with insensitive pop-psychology nonsense.

The video below discusses further the issue of Fulfillment.

Fulfillment from Perspective Think on Vimeo.