Crime and Law Enforcement

Well-being in a community is not impossible to achieve. It takes an evolution of consciousness to make it happen. When crime and destitution are rampant and when individuals are not aware of how to progress past that point, it settles the condition to allow crime and destitution to continue. It helps to analyze the situation, both from a personal and social perspective in order to evolve from it.

The Perspective Essays discusses many of the facets that affect and contribute to crime, including economic factors, social conditioning, law enforcement and the logic behind it, etc. The point is not to settle in the complacency of crime (“Oh, there’s nothing we can do about it so we might as well live with it.”) which is what many individuals do. By examination, solutions can be found. They cannot be found by constantly negating them or by reasoning away solutions as impractical. They most certainly won’t be found by empowering that which is continuing the problem of crime, which is what many people do. Again, it is a point of not knowing differently where individuals resign themselves to complacency. When it comes to crime, that is a luxury that simply cannot be afforded. In this point in human history, it is time to move beyond it and into progress through evolution.


1) What are some of the factors that contribute to crime in the modern era?

2) Is crime a constant that humanity just has to deal with or could a different mindset change the dynamic of the human experience to reduce, if not eliminate, crime?

3) Does law enforcement work?

4) Do laws necessarily make for a safe environment?

5) How do individuals define peace and safety? In what ways do they use modern psychology to reason themselves out of creating peace and safety in their lives?

The following video discusses further the topic of Crime and Law Enforcement.

Crime and Law Enforcement from Perspective Think on Vimeo.