It is an unfortunate effect of the modern consciousness that we live in a society that is watched over and policed for everything. However, this does not need to be the case. Here is why:

When individuals are instructed to snitch on each other and when the system creates conditions and situations that allow for mistrust and destitution, it is a certainty that things like surveillance will take place. A different and more life-affirming state of being is created by a different consciousness that does not allow for being watched over and ordered around. In the book, The Perspective Essays, it is discussed how some of these conditions are brought about, primarily for the sake of profit. Since there is no money to be made in peace, profit can be made through conflict.

There is always some reasonable-sounding excuse to maintain oneself in a state of want and subservience. The current state of surveillance is no different. The book discusses this and analyzes the reason for this type of complacency, along with examining the cause and effect of surveillance, among other things, in the current industrialized society.


1) How is the state of surveillance being maintained in the current construct?

2) How is mistrust encouraged in the modern industrialized consciousness to allow for surveillance?

3) How are institutions profiting from surveillance and policing?

4) How do individuals reason themselves out of evolving out of the policed society and into a more life-affirming state of being?

5) How can conditions change to allow for greater peace and problem resolution without resorting to surveillance and policing?

Today’s video discusses surveillance in the modern culture.

Surveillance from Perspective Think on Vimeo.