The Perspective Essays: 2016 Year in Review

2016 saw the publishing of my book, The Perspective Essays. Many strides have been taken since it was first conceived to when it was published up until now. Not all strides were successful but they were taken learning something about publishing, the public’s perception of issues and how they are interpreted and received by them, etc. Even with all that, there is still much to learn.

The book came out in June and it is now December. I believe it is still too early to tell what the effect of the book is. I know I have received some nice praise for the book but nothing in terms of discussing the issues described in the book. Although the praise is appreciated, the point is to get discussion going on the topics in the book so as to start affecting consciousness to evolve in more individual yet life-affirming ways.

I’m not sure that, as far as self-publishing is concerned, I’m doing it “right.” I remember a few years ago I bought a really good book about self-publishing, read about 20 pages of it and haven’t picked it up since. It wasn’t a terrible book or anything of the sort. I just forgot about it and it sits in my closet wrapped in the Barnes & Noble bag I carried it home in. I have received a lot of advice on how to market the book, which is the biggest thing I have still to learn. Much of it is over my head, to be honest. Some of it I would never do and some of it I have tried and did not do as well as hoped. Again, this has been a learning experience with much more to go. Regardless, I have had some successes with it as I’ve sold a decent amount of books without doing much publicity. It can do better but we’ll take our successes regardless of size or impact. Simply telling people about it and presenting its ideas is rewarding in itself. It is hoped that such experiences will lead people to the book so that they will read it.

An obstacle is social media. This is something my friend Mark at Globe Backyard is still teaching me. All the sites I have are for the book, no personal sites displaying my favorite music or food. The problem is, now that I have them, what? Except for Tumblr (which I will NEVER do again) and Google Plus (which I found incredibly frustrating, just ask Mark), I have many of the popular ones. The thing is now, I don’t know how to use them. Given that the Internet is full of information on how to maximize the use of sites like Instagram and Twitter, it might behoove me to read up on this. However, it’s been my concern that trying to figure all this out will lead to information overload. I wasn’t even sure I was going to have WordPress again but here I am, except this time I’m actually happy with it unlike before. If you go to the “Links” section of this website, you can find all my social media and video links. Follow me on these to get content, some which is specific to just certain platforms (i.e. there are things on the Instagram page that are not on Twitter or Facebook).

Essentially, I would like people to go to the main site. The main site features content that will not be found on any of the social media pages, plus a section for purchasing the book online. You can also subscribe to the e-mail list and be the first to know of updates, events, and other happenings before it is out on social media. Although the social media pages are updated frequently (or as frequently as they can be), the main site contains the bulk of information about the book. Other content like podcasts and interviews are also in the works for the main site. It is worth checking out.

The book would not have been possible without the support of people inspiring or contributing to it in some way or another. Some of those people are mentioned in the acknowledgement section of the book. Mark Brewer has been instrumental in promotion by mentioning the book on his page . He has also been a source of inspiration and encouragement not just for the book but on a personal level. A big “Thank you” is in order for him and the few others who have seen the development of this book come about to fruition. For better or worse, they have helped make this book a tangible reality.

The coming year will bring about further evolution for the book and its promotion. I am excited to see what great things are in store for next year. I would like to thank those who have purchased and supported the book along with those who have subscribed to this WordPress site. Your subscriptions are much appreciated. Until then, keep reading, learning, and evolving in benevolence and well-being.