The ability to trust contributes to the building of life and those who live it. In the book The Perspective Essays, the issue of trust is examined thoroughly, discussing the different facets that create the kind of mistrust rampant in modern industrialized culture and how trust is already in play in many parts of life to create well-being for people.

There is always some reason not to trust and some influence that creates that feeling not to trust. It is no surprise considering the way modern industrialized consciousness is. However, it is not to say that everyone is that way or that it will continue to be that way. How willing are individuals to give trusting a chance in their lives? The current socioeconomic construct is one where scarcity and lack are promoted in various ways. To take and to steal for the sake of having or advantage hurts others. How would things be if the construct were different, allowing individuals to be guided into self-building through trust of oneself and of others?

Of course, there is the argument that such a scenario could never happen because it is too idealistic. That kind of thinking puts the wall between progress and remaining stagnant. However, like any wall, it can be broken down. The way to break it is by altering consciousness by asking questions that lead the individual into creating possibilities rather than succumbing to standardized reasoning which only resigns a mentality into accepting the norm.

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