What is being said and experienced about forgiveness that is putting individuals off to it? The obsession with pithy aggression in today’s industrialized society counters the human intuition to thrive benevolently through acts of love, among other things. Forgiveness is no more an act of love than anything. Then again, what do individuals understand love to be? That may need some looking into before understanding the tenets of forgiveness.

The Perspective Essays offers a practical yet human look at forgiveness. Many individuals make forgiveness out to be something that puts some people off to it or see it as too whimsical to consider as a possibility. Then again, what do people know about it? Where do they get their information from? There are many sources that discuss forgiveness. Is there a bias that they teach along with it, such as one can only forgive these situations or these people at particular times? It all depends on what the source has to gain from such instruction.

The book discusses forgiveness in a way in which individuals can ponder their own view on the subject without having to feel guilty about choosing if and when to forgive. Without pandering to any side of instruction, the book states how, despite the feeling of relief that can come from forgiveness, it is ultimately a choice. However, it is not a choice to be made lightly or out of expectation. That’s where the trap falls. As soon as one gets it into their heads that they “have to” forgive, they start feeling guilty, remorseful and resentful over the situation and those involved. That accomplishes nothing and continues the cycle of resentment. What is needed is a new perspective on the subject that encourages forgiveness through benevolent human intuition and not institutionalized acceptances or modern societal regards.

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