In just about any municipality, nation, or organized community, there is a hierarchy of governance that individuals accept as their leadership. Unfortunately, such structures of organization have caused more problems than solutions. All that is left afterwards is an angry public that constantly calls for reform and only gets frustration for their effort. Reversely, politicians deal with the stress and responsibility of ruling, sometimes ruling in favor of someone else that does not live or represent the community they supposedly govern.

Unfortunately, many people (if not everyone) accepts this as normal and they reason it into their experiences daily. It is probably why there is so much uproar over political leaders in today’s times rather than individuals consciously examining themselves and directing their own lives instead of someone else’s. Then again, after centuries of repeating this pattern, many societies don’t know any different. What would it take for all individuals (not just the ones being ruled) to evolve into something more beneficial and life-affirming?

The Perspective Essays
does not cover politics because it does not need to acknowledge it. It mentions politics here and there but it does not dedicate itself to discussing it or any specific political ideology. The only thing that matters is seeing humanity prosper and that isn’t happening in the current system. How come? In order to find a way out in this case, it helps to know how one got into it in the first place. The book discusses ways in which people get into situations such as the one currently being experienced in industrialized society. Humanity has reached a point where it must evolve past its current state or it will stagnate itself into extinction. Hoping for the same-old-same-old to fix itself so that others can move will NEVER work in favor of humanity. What will it take for humanity to not just wake up but get the hell out of bed and move?

Today’s episode deals with politics. As a disclaimer, the episode does not discuss any particular ideology but the effect of governmental politics in the social consciousness.

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