Civility and Friendliness

Civility and friendliness are not topics which many people find or take seriously. They figure that such things are best left to churches and pre-schools to teach because they are not adult or “real world” topics. Even the sound of the word “friendly” implies an infantile regard toward the subject. Meaning, people hear the word “friendly” and immediately think something along the line of Barney and Friends or Mister Roger’s Neighborhood (provided anyone knows who Mister Rogers is anymore). It is that kind of thinking that keeps people separate and willfully arrogant towards each other.

One of the topics that The Perspective Essays discusses is human relations. Today’s episode expands on what the book discusses and presents the subject of civility and friendliness as a social issue just like economic destitution, violence, or anything else of the kind. The point is to expand consciousness on the issue and not brush it off simply because we’re not bashing on the president or discussing the various wars going on in the world. One might think that if humanity lived in a more civil world that there would not be such conflicts. However, the limitation in current human reasoning denies the possibility of living in a world which, despite conflict, human beings can get along and interact with each other in manner that affirms life.

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