Nothing impacts more than death. However, the impact is compounded when that death is self-inflicted. Why do people kill themselves? Is it because there is something “wrong” with them? Is it because they can’t “get it together,” as people like to say? The ones left behind are left with nothing but questions. Perhaps the biggest thing in all of this is the lack of understanding that has taken place between those involved and the individual who decided to take their life.

The Perspective Essays asks whether or not suicide could be an indicator that the modern construct may not be the healthiest for everyone. If everyone is not thriving in it, could it be a mark that perhaps a restructure is in order? What effect would that have on the quality of life for individuals? Suicide is more than what is perceived in the modern construct. Listening, understanding, and not trying to play hero or guessing the situation is what can help heal individuals from the pangs of suicidal thinking. However, it is more than just a person helping another. It is an individual wanting and choosing to be helped. It’s a two-way road when it comes to healing. The desire to heal is the first step.

Watch the episode “Suicide.”

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