A Special Message for the International Day of the Worker (May 1)

Despite whatever times we live in, human beings can progress past their immediate into a better life. Sometimes it’s a struggle but the end result is a reward onto itself. Many people toil in fields, restaurants, offices, in the seas, and everywhere else to “earn” their living as this moneyed society has instructed, as if being on Earth was not something that was the right of every being born in it.

The effort of people everywhere who work to improve themselves and those they affect is not unrecognized by those conscious enough to see and experience for themselves what that life is like. Sometimes it is merry, other times it is the toughest thing anyone can do. There are obstacles everywhere, trials every day. No matter the size of the trial, there is always something there to challenge human beings every day. How do we, as human beings, face that challenge? Do we put on a face or do we go as we are and take the challenge as it comes?

On this International Day of the Worker, we honor those who go out and improve themselves every day through work. We honor those who challenge themselves to evolve from the status quo and into an improved state of being. Let us take special notice of our own effort to make our lives better despite the circumstances and what is against us each day. We have goals and things we want to achieve. Let us recognize the effort made by everyone who gets up and faces each day with vigor despite the hardship to realize our goals and dreams.