Podcast: Examining the Science vs. Religion Debate

As of late, the discussion of whether or not science is more credible than religion has been on the public consciousness more than before. Perhaps it is media influence, but beliefs on both ends have stayed relatively quiet until recently. Now, a great majority of people have (quite unfortunately) jumped on a podium of some sort and started cackling their two cents into a debate that is as old as the hills and as worn out as an old sock.

In today’s podcast, the debate itself is discussed and not whether “religion” or “science” is more credible than the other. Frankly, none of it matters in the end. The real issue is the manner in which both ends justify their reasoning and how the other end doesn’t agree with the way they reason. That’s what all the hubbub and noise is about.

You can hear the podcast below.

Examining the Science vs. Religion Debate from Perspective Think on Vimeo.