Not my door? Yeah, right!

Many quirky quotes have made the rounds across the internet. Some of them are savvy, some of them are ok and many of them are, quite frankly, pure nonsense. Around the new-age and so-called spiritual community there is a quote that keeps buzzing around which is:

“If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.”

Let me be the first to tell you what a load of complete bullshit that saying is. The problem with many of these oft-quoted sayings is that they mentally condition the susceptible person to pacify themselves into giving up their goals and aspirations while invalidating their intent and feeling. What that quote is basically saying is to give up, plain and simple. If there is an opportunity that doesn’t pan out, give up and move along. These are probably the same people who like to put up a quote claimed to have been said by the late Milton Berle that says:

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

If, where and when Mr. Berle supposedly said this is never revealed but like the numbskulls that some people are they continue to blindly accept that cross-dressing Uncle Milty said this. So, which is it, should people be opening doors or not? There seem to be plenty of doors around according to all these quote-spewing people. Besides, who said anything about it not being “your door?” Is there anybody else’s name on it? Again, this is a passive way to excuse oneself into not following their heart’s desire for whatever reason and it is downright nonsense. Dreams are achieved by action and doing, not by passive meandering. Where would the greatest creators of history be if they had followed that “It’s not your door” nonsense? How many people doubted that the airplane (aeroplane), the television, or any such modern convenience would be useful past its introduction? If anyone told Orville and Wilbur Wright that opening the door to creating flying machines would not be in their best interest and if they had listened to such advice, this world would no doubt be a completely different place than it is today. Thankfully, such idiotic thinking did not exist in those days and despite the skeptics, the Wright Brothers are known throughout for their attempts at flight and their eventual success.

All people, no matter the situation, can achieve their goals so long as those goals accentuate life in its fullest potential. The idea that “it’s not your door” comes from an archaic notion that one should “let go” of things that do not serve them and that one should not intrude upon the space of other people. The question is, who is anyone to dictate what that is for others? There is a failure in pop-psychology reasoning that believes that people’s actions in achievement should not be too extravagant and imposing yet the same reasoning lauds sports players and the like for winning sports games. It is completely oxymoronic. So, it’s ok to passively wisp away from one’s dreams for the sake of being politically correct but if a team tramples on another team in a stadium full of people to win a metallic cup, then that’s ok. Again, what a load of hypocritical bullcrap! Goals are goals and even the most sinister of plans has come to fruition through intent and feeling. The same can be applied to goals that are rich in life and love. So, who cares whose door it is? In the end, it will be opened at some point so why not have it be you who opens it?

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